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I was lucky enough to be born and live in the truly stunning medieval stone town of Stamford. Growing up I muddled through the usual - and not so usual - part-time student jobs (painting faces on Margaret Thatcher dog toys anyone??) before taking a degree in Sociology (It was an Oligy - thats all I'm going to say on the subject).


Hit by a serious case of the travel bug, I found myself firstly in Israel, followed by a further couple of years exploring India, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and Japan.


I really enjoyed watching the local silver smiths at work, and i got fascinated by all the varieties of Semi-precious stones, the more colourful the better....

I was soon hooked and began making jewellery, challenging myself to create better and better designs. A kind of craziness that i still have today.... whatever i've just done, i want to do more and do it better... :-)


Looking back i can see that being self taught meant making more mistakes - but it also didn't place any constraints on my thinking, and it let me experiment with a wide range of materials, styles and techniques. All of which have led to the eclectic but gorgeous collection of ranges shown here.


With two independent retail stores, a Boutique and a Contemporary Jewellers, I’ve been ideally placed to see business from two sides and my personal opinion is that retailers and suppliers need to work together to make our high streets vibrant and interesting places, now, more so than ever, as our businesses are inter-related.

Retail Rehab

The idea behind RetailRehab was to create a resource point for small shops and businesses. Giving access to information on how best to face the economic challenges in the coming year and examples of best practice. www.retailrehab.co.uk


People always say, write about what you know. So I did, and now I have a monthly business column in Gifts Today and my local newspaper, as well as some upcoming projects – that are still a big secret !! Shuuush ! Don’t tell anyone !!

Beautiful Chaos

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